Imagine this.  You walk into your local tax office with high hopes.  You can already picture your large refund check; you can hear your interest rate dropping on your credit card as you prepare to make a lump payment, you can even feel the soft fabric of that new winter coat that you’ve been just dying to buy.  You lean forward in anticipation of the good news from your tax preparer… and then your daydream is suddenly interrupted.  Your preparer informs you that the IRS is showing that you have already filed this year and therefore cannot file again.  Now this news seems harmless enough right? Wrong. The problem is, you just received your W-2 yesterday and definitely did NOT file already. So what do you do now?

For most people, this scenario is all too real.  In 2011, the IRS reports that nearly 640,000 taxpayers have been victims of tax-related identity theft.  This is more than double the amount of victims from 2010, and sadly the trend is growing.  The IRS anticipates that this number will almost triple by 2013.

Adding insult to injury, most victims are left out in the cold.  The average tax preparer is either unwilling or unable to assist these taxpayers and the local IRS offices have been overwhelmed by victims demanding answers.  So once again, what do you do now?

Well, the bright light at the end of tunnel has arrived.  There are ways to not only combat identity theft, but there are ways to ensure that you will never be a victim again.  Here at St. Clair Financial Services, we lend a helping hand to anyone who is a victim of tax-related identity theft, even if you were not our client.

We work with the IRS to prove your identity so that you can receive your hard earned refund check.  This process can be long and tedious, but we stick by your side to the end.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim, is still waiting for a response from the IRS or hasn’t even began the process to receive their check, give us a call.  We know that this situation is incredibly inconvenient and stressful, but we promise to do everything in our power to assist you.

Article By: Olsen Fertil
Office Manager

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